About Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding, a modern plastics manufacturing process produces hollow seamless parts with extremely durable qualities.

Rotational Molding Design Experts

From Aerospace, Shipping Containers, Tornado Shelters and so much more, Rotational Molding Design Expertise is being extremely humble.

Rotomolded Products

See examples of some of quality craftsmanship in the rotomolding industry along with a number of industry leading innovations.

Rotomolding Tooling being built

Rotomolded Tooling

Rotational Molds are one of the first critical steps towards achieving your Rotational Molding goals. Don't miss out on the Rotational Mold Tooling Tips!

International Rotomolding Leaders

"Solutions Beyond Expectations"

Granger Industries, Rotational Molding Leader, Granger Plastics

Granger Aerospace Products, ForeverSafe™ Products and Granger Plastics Company are all divisions of Granger Industries Inc. Granger Industries has been a World Class Manufacturing leader since 1994.

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