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Storm Shelters

One of the most impressive products in the Rotational Molding industry is the Granger ISS Storm Shelter. The unit is features a 1/2" thich double wall construction, weighing over 1200 pounds each.

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Custom Rotomolded Products

Custom Diversity, High Quality, Innovative Designs

Inside of the Rotational Molding industry, the over whelming majority of products and components are manufactured/ or produced for a number of OEM's and various other companies. Custom rotomolded products range from custom Intermediate Bulk Containers, Tanks, Custom Plastic Pallets, Aquapopnics Systems, Spineboards and so much more.

Custom Rotationally Molded Products

Custom Rotomolded Spineboards

A shining example of internationally recognized Rotational Molding leader, Granger Plastics custom design and production abilities is exmplified in the custom Spineboard, or custom medical backboard, the Wauk™ Board.

Wauk Board, Spineboard with Wheels, Medical backboard, Stair Chair with wheels

The Wauk Board™ is a rollable medical backboard that allows first responders the ability to extract an immobilized patient from scene of an accident or emergency in a tight or restricted area without back injury to the medical first responder. The Wauk Board™ incorporates the features of a dolly, into a Spineboard. It is a one-of-a-kind, patented, medical transport device. The unique features of the Wauk Board™ allow first responders to:

  • roll a patient, rather than carry a patient
  • remove patients from the most constricted locations
  • prevent career limiting back injuries
  • prevent movement of the patient during transport
  • The Wauk Board™ is a custom, rotomolded part by Granger Plastics, for Bandel Innovations, LLC. Granger Plastics worked with Bandel Innovations to help make the project become a 'rotationally molded reality'. Granger Plastics assisted in working with the concepts provided by Bandel Innovations, in the design stages, to ensure that the tooling was built to produce, great quality, rotomolded medical backboards. The Wauk Board™, is now one of the fastest growing innovations in the medical equipment supplies industry. See the recent press about the Wauk Board distributorships growing in the United States, here!

    Custom Rotationally Molded Plastic Pallets

    A number of leading OEM's rely on production components to facilitate their manufacturing operations. One of the most common rotationally molded products is a custom plastic pallet. Unlike injection molded or compression formed plastic pallets, Rotomolded Pallets are extremely durable and should provide service for a long number of years if properly used and cared for. All the requirements of the custom plastic pallets vary contingent upon it's use and expectations. Some custom plastic pallets are used directly in the manufacturing proccess, while others are used strictly for warehousing, shipping or material handling of products. Some are used in automated systems, such conveyoring systems or very specialized manufacturing systems.

    Custom Plastic Pallet, Custom Rotomolded Plastic Pallet, Rotationally Molded Plastic Pallet

    Frequently, customers are looking for plastic pallets to use in various racking systems, that require the ability to hold large amounts of product for long periods of time. Sometimes, this can require additional features such as molding in metal components such as steel bars or tubes. While many less capable Rotational Molding companies struggle with molding in complex metal components or heavy metal components, this is something that Granger Plastics does on a nearly daily basis and continues to excel at!

    Metal Components Molded Inside of A Product
    Plastic Pallet with Metal Structure Molded in, Custom Plastic Pallets, Rotomolded Plastic Pallets

    Molded in Steel Structural Tubing

    Molded in Stainless Steel Bushing, Rotomolded Product Part, Rotationally Molded Bushing

    Molded in Stainless Steel Bushing

    Custom Rotationally Molded Fiberglass Conversions

    Often a product is introduced into the market place with a manufacturing process that is understood to have its limitations. Rotational Molding is a great viable alternative to producing Fiberglass parts. Rotational Molding produces much more durable parts, providing longer life spans, less maintenance and overall superior quality. Also, Rotational Molding does not subject an individual to potentially harmful and hazardous silica and fibers that recently have been linked to cancer.

    Granger Plastics Company has made tremendous strides in innovations, which has resulted in tremendous financial savings and huge time savings for some companies and customers, by converting a number of Fiberglass products into Rotationally Molded Innovations. Granger Plastics has already converted a number of housings, tanks, shourds and other various previously produced from Fiberglass products into a high quality, rotationally molded product. Recently, Granger Plastics was applauded for their abilities in design and production to save an automotive transportation leader in terms of maintenance, repairs and paper work.

    Fiberglass conversions, Rotational Molding Conversions, Rotomolding Conversions

    "Having introduced the world's first all-polyethylene rear trailer 'cone' as the replacement for 'cones' that have historically been fiberglass, we are pleased to advise that the new PolyCone produced by Granger Plastics Company is performing well in the field: Better impact resistance, better scuff resistance and lower cost. When a PolyCone is dented in the field, we just push it back into its original shape and send our enclosed car hauling equipment back on the road. Damage to fiberglass has always required bodywork to repair. We are pleased with the results of our material conversion project with GPC."

    -Jim Prang
    Director of Maintenance
    Precision Motor Transport Group
    Okemos, MI

    Learn more about Custom Rotomolding Products

    To learn more about Custom Rotomolding Products, please visit the Granger Plastics Website at or call (513) 424-1955.

    Custom Rotomolded Products

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